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Discounted Funeral Caskets

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NEW: We now offer NATIONWIDE shipping.

We offer a full line of Hardwood Caskets, 18 and 20 gauge Steel Caskets, as well as Copper, Bronze, and Stainless Steel caskets. However, if you do not find what you need, please contact us. Caskets and cremation containers come in a wide variety of materials, designs and costs. The type of casket or ceremonial cremation container selected will determine its value and cost.


We have been in this business for many years and have recently seen funeral homes lowering prices to match ours ONLY AFTER a family consults with the funeral director for arrangements. We feel this is an unfit practice and would like to offer our price protection guarantee. We offer the lowest price caskets compared to any funeral home guaranteed or you will receive a 10% refund on your purchase*.


We only collect taxes in the state of Indiana.


If you live near a distribution center and would like to save a bit more, please contact us and we will gladly work with you. Our distribution centers are located in TX and IN.

Funeral homes have been known to place undue pressure on the family to purchase THEIR caskets at outrageous costs. The best plan is to choose a casket from our site and speak with one of our skilled representatives. Simply let the funeral home know you have chosen to purchase a casket from a third-party vendor and wish not to discuss the decision any further - the last thing you need is to feel pressured into purchasing a casket. Keep in mind, the funeral home must accept a third-party casket by law. Funeral homes understand this law and will respect your wishes. Once you have selected a funeral home, we will manage arrangements for the casket.

After selecting a casket from our site, phone us immediately to receive a more exact cost to include shipping. We are aware other web-based casket vendors may offer free shipping, but please understand two items:

  1. other vendors offer free shipping for ground transportation only
  2. other vendors incorporate shipping fees into their caskets

Unfortunately, casket needs are more immediate and require overnight air transportation. We have established preferred shipping status with Delta Cargo for all air transports.

Generally, casket prices range from least to most expensive according in these types:

Cloth Covered Caskets:

Cloth Covered Caskets are made from corrugated fiberboard, pressed wood or softwoods, which are then covered with cloth and have finished interiors.

Steel Caskets:

A Note on Steel Gauges Used for Caskets: Steel commonly used in the production of caskets is 20-gauge, 18-gauge or 16-gauge. 20-gauge is the lightest steel commonly used in casket production while 16-gauge steel is the heaviest.

Non-gasketed Steel Caskets are normally made of 20-gauge steel. Twenty-gauge steel is the same thickness used in many automobile body panels. These caskets may be spot-welded. They are usually the least expensive metal caskets available and are usually square-cornered designs. Some nongasketed steel caskets include interior coatings.

Hardwood Caskets:

Most Hardwood Caskets are made of solid wood, finished in a satin or gloss coat. Some may be hand polished. Their design may be square-cornered, round-cornered or round-cornered urn shapes. Typically, select woods (poplar, willow) will be the least expensive wood caskets , followed by pine, oak, birch, maple, cherry, black walnut and mahogany . Other species of wood used in the manufacture of caskets are ash, elm, redwood, cedar, etc. It takes 130 to 150 board feet of lumber to produce a typical hardwood casket. Some caskets require more wood if they are made of 3" or 4" plank material. While normally in the third cost quartile, hardwood caskets are sometimes the most expensive caskets manufactured. Solid hardwood caskets are manufactured like fine furniture. They are assembled by craftsmen; sanded for painting or staining. Some have hand-rubbed finishes.

Veneer-finished Stainless Steel Caskets:

Veneer-finished caskets are generally less expensive than solid wood caskets. Stainless Steel Caskets are most often square-cornered or square-cornered urn designs. New products designs developed in the 1990's include round-cornered and round-cornered urn stainless steel casket designs. Stainless steel caskets often are comparable in price to midrange hardwood caskets and bridge the price brackets between cold-rolled steel caskets and semiprecious metal products such as copper or bronze. Stainless steel caskets have become increasingly popular in the 1990's and now are purchased more frequently than copper or bronze caskets.

Copper or Bronze Caskets:

Copper or Bronze Caskets may be found in square-cornered, round-cornered or urn shaped designs. Rather than gauge, copper and bronze caskets are measured by weight. A 32-oz. copper or bronze casket means that the copper or bronze used weighed 32-oz. per square foot. There are also 48-oz. copper or bronze caskets.

* Caskets must be of the same exact make, model and quality. The casket should come from the funeral home where you are making arrangements. Proof of pricing, make, model and quality from the funeral home will be required to qualify. This guarantee is limited to within 7 days from purchase.

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