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Post Funeral Gathering

This is always tough for the remaining family. Others would like to see the immediate family members relatively happy again and most everyone on some level would like to rejoice in the simply fact that a loved one is in a better place. This is much easier said than done for those who are truly impacted by the loss.

Post funeral gatherings should celebrate the life of the loved ones. Typically, the culture in the United States dictates food and drink of some sort. Again, those truly impact by the loss will not feel like planning or eating much. The comfort of having friends and family nearby is more important and comforting than food.

If you were close to the person that passed, ask for help in this area. If you are a member of a church, you may or may not be surprised to see church members helping with post funeral services. I have been to funerals where church members actual sponsor the entire post funeral gathering which eases the burden of providing food and drink to others.

Music and dancing? It's possible if those close to departed feel up to it the event. Some celebrate death as birth into a new life. The departed will no longer suffer and will experience a new found life. In the Southern states, some families will sing and dance in the streets after a funeral. The most important aspect about a post funeral gathering is respect. Whatever you do, ensure you give respect the departed and those truly close to him or her.

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