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The Casket Place - Funeral Press Releases

Over the years we have been featured in various news publications. Going forward, we will publish press releases on our site giving easy access for news vendors. Please check back often for additional publications.


Press Release: Caskets "On the Cheap" have Funeral Directors Scrambling

Caught off-guard by lost sales to independent web based competitors, old style sales methods are not serving big funeral homes like they used to.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 26, 2008 -- On-Line discount casket retailers are wreaking havoc on traditional funeral homes who rely on substantial product mark-ups to cover overhead and drive profits. Once viewed as a minor nuisance, cyber casket sales are now taking a big bite out of what once was the exclusive domain of the funeral business elite.

It has taken over 20 years for the Federal Trade Commission's "Funeral Rule" to finally have a measurable impact on the funeral industry. When the new law was enacted in 1984, funeral home operators had little to fear because the average consumer had no knowledge of the available alternatives to paying fixed and often grossly inflated prices for caskets at funeral homes.

"When we first started, few people were aware that operations like our even existed… 10 years ago you would have been hard pressed to find an independent discount casket retailer and very few people were inclined to even try."

The FTC's Funeral Rule says in part that you may purchase a funeral casket from a third party retailer and if you do, funeral homes must accept and use that casket in accordance with your wishes.

Dan Garza, Financial Consultant and co-founder of on-line retailer "The Casket Place" sums up his view saying, "When we first started, few people were aware that operations like our even existed… 10 years ago you would have been hard pressed to find an independent discount casket retailer and very few people were inclined to even try."

It all started for Garza when he was asked to assist with arrangements for the funeral of a close family member. "I was stunned to find out how much mark-up there was on the Casket in particular. After some searching we managed to find the same casket and bought it for $3,000 less than the funeral home was getting. That's when I knew that we could and should help others in the same situation and it's why we created a place for them to go."

Not unlike many well established industries, the internet has impacted the funeral business in ever increasing ways. "The big funeral tycoons are on notice" Garza continues, "The days of preying on the weak emotional state of grieving family members for profit is fast approaching its end."

Unique to other on-line casket discounters, TheCasketPlace.com offers to share a printable on-line casket buying guide resource, available for the asking at no cost. Garza goes on to say, "Whether a person uses us for their needs or not, we want anyone who is faced with the daunting expense of a funeral to know the truth. Our guide tells it and funeral homes would rather you not see it."

In September 2007 The Casket Place announced its partnership with Delta and Continental Airlines to ship Caskets, at a discounted rate, to families in need.

"The Casket Place" and "TheCasketPlace.com" are DBAs of Half Cost Quality Casket Co. L.P. based in Houston TX serving families throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Dan Garza, director of public relations
The Casket Place

Press Releases : Five Reassuring Reasons to Buy a Casket Online

Reputable online retailers like The Casket Place offer the bereaved a
safe, viable, low-cost alternative to high funeral home casket prices.

Houston, TX, July 20, 2007 – When a loved one passes away, the last thing anyone wants to do is comparison shop for a casket or urn. But funeral homes often charge exorbitant prices that result in additional distress for the family of the deceased, on top of their recent loss. That is why more and more people have been turning to the Internet to purchase caskets at deep discounts, from such trustworthy retailers as The Casket Place (www.thecasketplace.com).

What can you expect when buying a casket online? If the dealer is reputable, they will provide these five distinct advantages:

1. Significantly Lower Prices – Due to economies of scale (high volume) and low overhead costs, most discount caskets sold over the Internet cost anywhere from 40% to 80% less than what funeral homes charge—sometimes thousands of dollars less.

2. Wide Selection – Online, you will typically find a much larger selection of styles and sizes online than in a traditional funeral home showroom. And if you are searching for a particular style, or need a special size, they can usually be special ordered, quickly.

3. High Quality – The Casket Place provides exactly the same top-quality brands as those available at funeral homes. The only difference is the price...and you’ll get an immediate replacement guarantee against manufacturer’s defects, plus 15% of the purchase price.

4. Dependable Service – A legitimate online retailer will always include their physical address and phone number somewhere on the website. The Casket Place makes it easy for you to choose the right casket with a variety of web-based resources as well as phone support from respectful customer service experts.

5. Fast Delivery – In most cases, your casket will be shipped immediately after your order, and received by the funeral home of your choice within 24 to 48 hours. Through distribution partnerships, The Casket Place ensures reasonable flat shipping rates.

In short, there is absolutely no reason to spend thousands of dollars extra for a casket from the funeral home when you can find the same item for less online. Just be sure that the retailer you are dealing with is legitimate and has a solid reputation. To assist you, download the complimentary guide at www.TheCasketPlace.com/signup.htm entitled “What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Casket: The Top 14 Things Funeral Homes Don't Want You to Know!”

About The Casket Place

The Casket Place.com is a deep-discount provider of funeral merchandise and services, offering a fine selection of beautifully crafted caskets for every need. Its parent company was founded by a bereaved father who wished to spare others his distressing experience after the unexpected death of his daughter, by providing a low-cost, yet dignified, alternative to funeral homes.  If you need guidance about funeral matters during this trying time you can get a free consultation by emailing to: dan@thecasketplace.com or call (888) 793-7255


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