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Funeral Questions and Answers

If you have questions not listed below, please contact via phone toll free 888-793-7255 or email us Questions@TheCasketPlace.com. We are available 24x7 and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

May I purchase a casket before it is needed?

Yes. You may purchase a casket before it is needed. You may do either two things:

  1. buy it and store it yourself
  2. sign up for a prepayment plan from us that will cover the cost of the casket and give you the opportunity to pay for it in monthly installments


Will the funeral home accept products that I buy elsewhere?

The answer is Yes.  THE FUNERAL RULE:

  • They may not refuse service, cause duress, embarrassment, or cast aspersions in any way onto persons choosing to bring their own products into a funeral home from an outside source.
  • They may not alter routine charges based on the acceptance of outside merchandise.
  • They may not require the family to present at the time of delivery.
  • They may not charge any fee for handling or inspection that would discourage third party vendors of caskets, vaults, monuments, flowers, or printed material such as registry books and acknowledgement cards.
  • Remember, we can save you money on more than just the casket. Be sure to ask about our complete funeral arrangement service.


How much can I save if I buy from The Casket Place instead of a funeral home?

You will save hundreds and in most cases even thousands.


What exactly is an outer burial container?

An outer burial container is a container that the casket is set in for burial. The purpose of these containers is to keep the weight of the earth off of the casket itself and to make the settling of the grave more proportional. These containers are some times referred to as "vaults" or "liners". They can be manufactured in a variety of materials including, concrete, steel, and composite materials. In the state of Texas these containers are not required, however some cemeteries may require the use of one. You should check to see if you are required one before you make arrangements.


What if I see something somewhere that I would like but do not see it online?

Even if you may not see what you're looking for in our online store, that doesn't mean we don't carry it. If you see something somewhere you would like let us know and we can arrange to get it for you.  866-583-7800 (toll free)


What makes some caskets cost more than others?

Many factors determine the cost of a casket. These things  that may determine the cost of a casket can be, materials used, type of interior, sealed or not sealed, the finish, how decorative it may be and the hardware used.


What types of caskets are available through The Casket Place?

We offer a wide variety of brands, styles, colors, and materials. Some of these include steel, stainless steel, hardwood, copper, and bronze.


How may I pay for the items I decide to purchase?

You may pay for the product by either check, credit card, cash, or by means of insurance arrangements.


What products does The Casket Place offer?

The Casket Place offers vaults/liners, caskets, cremation urns, specialty stationary, and Monuments (both granite and bronze). And we now offer funeral consulting services at no additional charge.


Must I purchase everything from the funeral home?

You do not have to buy everything from the funeral home. You do have the opportunity to purchase products form an outside vendor. And in the case of The Casket Place we can even save you money on the cost of the funeral it self.

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