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Shock and Awe of Death

Shock and awe is the feeling received after the initial notification of a loved one passing. Regardless of the anticipated loss, the reality of a loved one passing is all too real. We hear all to often, 'was it expected?' Some may feel this makes a difference, but many will tell you it does not matter ... loss is loss.

Many great authors have written books on coping with loss. The following provides good information related to the loss of a loved one:

Following a Loss, Coping With Loss

Following a loss, you will have to go through a rough period when grieving the loss of loved one; you will have to undergo this entire process by yourself and you will have to deal with it in your own manner. You will require your special length of time in order to heal your emotional wounds because this is the most important thing when it comes to moving out with your own life. You must move on in order to continue your life.

There are some steps to be followed when it comes to coping with the loss of loved one; for instance, you may try to honor the deceased person and the life you have had together. You will have to cherish his/her memory and you may even start an online tribute in order to submit all your opinions and images that are related to the deceased person. You may use this virtual forum in order to talk with the deceased person about the things that were important for both of you. The special moments together must be remembered in order to cope with loss easier.

For instance, you may dedicated a special place to your deceased loved one; you may choose a special area of your botanical garden in order to earn how to communicate your true feelings in order to heal yourself; You may also try to meet with a mutual friend on a constant basis in order to talk about the deceased person; you may try to talk things over in order to regain your own peace of mind because every loss of loved one is likely to bring along grief and despair. These negative feelings are to be accepted and dealt with in order to move on with your own life.

Meetings are to be scheduled in order to talk with different people about your recent loss; you will become able to reconnect with the world outside because this type of connection is to be regarded as the main tool when it comes to coping with grief and despair. You must not isolate yourself from your friends; you have to try to talk with them. In case that you feel that common words and talks are not likely to solve anything, you can try creating an online memorial that can be very helpful when it comes to expressing your true and desperate feelings. Seminars and even lectures are to be attended in order to compel your grieving soul; new directions are to be reached and you may also try to invite other friends over in order to attend the same meetings.

New goals are to be established as well; for instance, you may practice a sport or start a healthy diet. All these new goals are likely to come along with new directions that will eventually capture your attention. You will become focused on these new matters and you will let your grief go in order to move on with your life. All these feelings must be dealt with; they should be prevented from remaining unsolved because they can lead to problems in the future to come. These problems are to be avoided and you can do this by hiring even a personal coach in order to help you cope with loss.

You may even consider taking some dancing lessons; the dance classes are likely to have a positive effect on your morale thus preparing you for the future and happier life experiences. These classes may also bring along new friends who will enter your life; common focus is to be assured in order to keep these new friends right next to you. Learning various and new skills can be highly beneficial for your present morals; you will have to take full advantage of all the opportunities in order to leave the grief behind. All these ides are to be regarded as genuine stepping stones; you must not rush into overcoming your fears and grief. On the contrary, you will have to remain patient with yourself in order to learn how to not look back. A whole new life is expecting you and you have to benefit from this opportunity as well.

You should become aware that not everything is going to be stable and very secure when it comes to life in general; on the contrary, you will have to be prepared for the things coming your way because even loss and change are likely to enter your life one day. The normal anchors to the reality will disappear as soon as something bad happens to us or our family and friends. Therefore, you will need time to cope with the loss of loved one; these changes must be absorbed in a slow manner in order to become fully aware of their presence here. Therefore, you will have to provide yourself with more understanding when it comes to the things that are going to happen in your life; you will have to become aware of the things that are likely to be brought along with your future.

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