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Funeral Visitation or Showing

The showing or visitation occurs after death but before the funeral. In many cases, the showing occurs the day or night before the funeral. The showing is critical for many people close to the recently departed because this is the first time they will see the loved one deceased.

Depending on the condition of the body and/or the request of guardians, the casket may be opened or closed. Closed caskets are typically accompanied by a photo of the departed. The departed and/or those close to him or her may wish for people to remember them by a smiling photo or event. Opened caskets will provide a last look at the physical body of the departed. The caretaker will do their best to ensure the body is displayed as everybody would have seen them on an given day.

The funeral home caretaker will request those close to the deceased to bring commonly worn clothes. The caretaker will prepare the body for showing which includes a multi-step process. One step in the process is dressing the body. Dressing the body is very important for those close to the departed. Appropriate dress helps to establish reconition and familiarity for those close to him or her. If you loved one liked to wear a pair of jeans and long sleeve shirt, don't be afraid to request the caretaker to dress the departed accordingly. This can be a trying task for those close to the departed, so please ask for help if needed.

Showings are typically 2-4 hrs can be much longer if needed and/or requested. Pick a duration that works for you and your family. The immediate family members should make themselves available during the full showing if possible. This timeframe is typically a very numbing experience for the immediate family members and close friends. People will seemingly come from nowhere to offer support and pay respects. People will recall the good times and share experiences.

As the visitation wears on, immediate family members will tire. Visitors should respect and comfort those close to the departed. The funeral process is numbing and the showing is one of the most numbing steps in the process.

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